Drive-in Picture Show Filmed, produced & directed by Bill Schwartz Remember "Beast from Beyond"? That was the very first effort in filmmaking done by Bill Schwartz. The background is the alien spaceship interior he built out on his Dad's carport. The BEAST mask was made out of cardboard, paste and liquid latex. Bill started filming this in 1959 with a cast that included classmates Richard Winslow, George Mayo, Dale Potter, Sue Sturges, Jean Welch, Bill Sharp and Ronnie Peacock. Bill shot the film in B&W 8mm film which had to be mailed out of state for processing.

We know we can't bring back the past, but just for the fun of it--and possibly, fun memories -- through the WPHS Alumni Class of 1961 web site we thought we would share with you a little trivia about one of our favorite classmates along with some music from the 1950's and 1960's. (Click on the movie screen to go to Bill's web site.)

We are really happy to have grown up during the wonderful '50's and '60's. There are selected *.wav & *.ra files below - just a click away - that are the 'original' sounds from our past. So put on your dancing shoes and let's stroll.

Many songs from the early years (original artists )
God Bless America
(Sung by Kate Smith)


The songs on this site are for evaluation purposes ONLY and we take NO legal liability for misuse of any of the selections in regard to any and all copyrights which may or not be applied to any selection within the pages. This is also a not-profit site-for Evaluation listening purposes! The sound files contained within these pages are of reduced quality to the original recording because of sampling in *wav format , which provides small representation of the original work for evaluation purposes. No revenue whatsoever is obtained from the representation of these works.

We STRONGLY recommend you delete the selections within 24 hours, and support the artists by buying their Cd's and Tapes.

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GOLDEN OLDIES - Sounds from the Past


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